Drive Home

On the way home tonight, about 430 p.m., I took some pictures just north of Le Claire.

Here is Port Byron, IL, which is right across the Mississippi River:

Port Byron IL

Port Byron IL

And then I took some shots on the north drive:

Mississippi north of Le Claire Iowa

Mississippi north of Le Claire IowaMississippi north of Le Claire


River restaurants in Pool 14

Say you are just out for a cruise and suddenly, you are very very hungry.  If the Burger Boat is not nearby, then it is time to pull into shore and get a bite.  Here are some restaurants where you can dock your boat and go on in.


This new entry is up the river in Princeton.

A fellow blogger mentioned it in his blog:

And took a picture from the air during the flood.

Up above is my picture from the river.

Another new entry is “Its on the River” which is in Port Byron, Illinois.

I have to admit I have not checked out Cordova or Camanche, but I have not heard of anything there.

Up in Albany Illinois, there is a restaurant called McCabes Landing.  Dock the boat on the city docks, walk over the tracks, go up in the steps in the back and you are there.  Take cash.

The City of Clinton Iowa has started work on a grand new marina which is to include a new restaurant.  Nothing final yet, the floods slowed construction down.

And of course, you can always take a picnic lunch to Princeton Beach.