Rainbow over the river

Before the crest, but right after one of those ever present rainfalls, I caught some rainbows, even hints of a double rainbow, to the south towards the Illinois side.

Do you think this was Mother Nature laughing at us?

Cresting at 14.84 feet in Leclaire

Yesterday, Monday, June 16th, the Mississippi River crested at 14.84 feet in Leclaire, making it the 4th worst flood in recorded history.  But we survived, even had a lot of fun.  But we have not yet starting cleaning up.

Here are some pictures.

No fire by the river last night.

As you can see, we could still get in and out of the house.  There was water under the crawl space at the front of the house, but it did make it up to the floor.

The side yard to the east stayed dry.  Here in the Quad Cities, the Mississippi River runs east and west so Iowa is to the north and Illinois to the south.


Going down, rain up north

We have backed off the crest a bit and we did not get flooded!!  Rain up north is predicted, but they don’t think it will cause the river to go back up much, but then one never knows.  We plan on moving the furniture back to the cottage this weekend.

Here are the update photos

Looks like we have a problem with the boat lift:




Crest Day Fooled You!

Today is crest day, 10.5 feet.  But it sure does not look like much from our view.  We think they opened the rollers and let it go downstream, but just a guess.  Here is the view this evening: