Houseboat pulled out of Mississippi River

Cargill and Living Lands and Waters combined forces today to pull a houseboat out of the river near New Boston IL.  It sank two years ago.

There are a couple of pictures with this story too.

Which side of the bridge did you drive on today?

The I-80 bridge did some switch overs today.  IDOT rerouted part of the traffic to the newly paved westbound approach.  I know, I drove over it coming home from work.

Shed is done


And almost loaded (they bought it at Lowes but had to put it togetherand build the platform):


Ella the 9 month old puppy wonders why they worked so hard and where Uncle Chris went:


We have puppies

Our dogs, Music and Russ, are the proud parents of six daughters, born Tuesday night.


They are Cardigan Welsh Corgis.

More work done

They moved the firepit to where the old owners had the hot tub, more room over there.


Then they got the crazy idea we needed a shed.  So they bought one at Lowes that has to be put together and when they go to the woods, it was not as level as they thought, so they had to spend mucho time leveling it.



I-80 Mississippi Bridge

Now open one lane east and west.  However, one cannot use the westbound on ramp at Illinois 84, a bit of a detour is involved to get back to Iowa.

Big Stack of Firewood

The big dead oak tree is down:


Kim and Chris rest on their laurels.