Snow and Ice are Melting

Here is a view from our back deck today, the ice on the river is almost gone.

American Pickers

Two local men have a brand new tv series on the History Channel.  It is called American Pickers.   They roam the countryside looking for hidden gems of antiques.

Mike Wolfe has his store Antique Archeology in Leclaire.   Here is a link to their new series:

Burger Boat Story

Check out this local story on the Burger Boat that docks in Party cove, also known as the Leclaire Canal:

Crane and Pelican opens

An old riverboat pilot’s house is finding new life as a new cafe in LeClaire.  Amazing, it was never subdivided into apartments as so many old houses are.  This pilot had nine children and the sheen they put on the bannister is still there.  My mother is going on Saturday night, report later.

Waving down by the River in Leclaire


Here is a happy fellow showing off his civic pride, well, I mean the guy waving, not the one on the bench.

River Pup

Here is another favorite store, River Pup.  And when we moved to our new house, we discovered the owners live across the street with their bulldog and Frenchie.

River Pup

River Pup

Illinois wins Tugfest, they lead the series

My loyalties are divided.  I grew up in Moline, Illinois, went to college at the University of Illinois in ChampaignUrbana and law school at Northwestern in Chicago.  I work in Illinois, but since 1980 have been living in Iowa.

So Illinois won our tugging of war last weekend and now has a good lead in the series.  Here are some links:

We took our boat out on the river to see the fireworks.  We had to move after the fireworks barge docked right next to us in the channel.  So we went down stream to tie up with our neighbors and got a loose boat fender stuck in our prop.  It was hard to get an anchor to lodge in the river bed.  And we had to hug the Illinois side because right in front of Leclaire the river is over 50 feet deep and our rope anchor does not have that long of a rope.  We got loose and started heading towards the burger boat.  But the fireworks were great.  I took some pictures, but I don’t think they turned out so well.