Did we see Lake Delton?

Today it dawned on me, that if Lake Delton drained into the Wisconsin River, then the Wisconsin drains into the Mississippi at Prairie du Chien, so it most have flowed past us at some point on its way to New Orleans.  Probably already down there.

Flood again???

The water is just as high today as it was at the earlier crest.  It just keeps raining.  I saw a video of some flooding up in Wisconsin, Lake Delton drained and cut a new path to the Wisconsin River, houses fell into the lake, and that all drains into the Mississippi north of here.  Check out this video on CNN:


We love the Wisconsin Dells.  The Tommy Bartlett show is having problems now, no lake to perform in.

I took this picture this evening.  Note how high the river is compared to earlier:

The dead carp and tire that drifted downstream are now submerged.

Spike’s dock is back under water:

It is fine weather for ducks:

Of course, the cats are only mildly concerned:

I will say that the water is not moving nearly as fast as it was at the end of April.  But enough is enough, can we send this water to California?

And 60 miles west in Iowa City, Coralville Lake is expected to crest tonight over the the spillway and go down into Iowa City.  It did that in 1993, and cut away 15 feet of silt from the bottom of the Iowa River and exposed fossils millions of years old.  Also took out a campground and road.

More news tomorrow.