Getting ready to party!

My son’s high school graduation party is this weekend.  We are getting ready.  The weather is predicted to be in the 70’s and clear.

We put up our new mailbox:

I guess it is a little gaudy and tacky, but we had to look for a long time to find it.  We really wanted a riverboat, but could not find one.  We found this down at Osage Beach Missouri last fall.

Our neighbor John put his boat in.  It is a 1978 Trojan, a beautiful boat, if not the most fuel efficient.

I caught the sunset this evening:

And Sara, our big dog of unknown parentage, is ready for the party to begin and to greet the guests.  She likes to sit outside in this cool weather:

Don’t worry, we are not trying to cram everyone into the house.  We are renting a tent and tables and chairs.


Going down, rain up north

We have backed off the crest a bit and we did not get flooded!!  Rain up north is predicted, but they don’t think it will cause the river to go back up much, but then one never knows.  We plan on moving the furniture back to the cottage this weekend.

Here are the update photos

Looks like we have a problem with the boat lift:




Davenport is having river issues

I did make it to downtown Davenport today.  The city blocked off river drive, and started construction of earthen dikes covered in plastic on the street.  The dirt replaces sandbags and they are putting it far enough away from the river that it should have some effect.

Bringing in the dock


We are getting ready for a possible flood.  Today Kim and a neighbor John pulled the poles out of the dock and swung the sections into shore.  They then tied the dock to upstream trees with very substantial ropes.  The boat lift is still out in the river, but a float is under it and it is secured to a chain and rope.  If the river gets to a certain level, we will bring the whole contraption into shore and maybe up on land.

Flood 2008 forecast

This afternoon we stopped by the City of Leclaire City Hall to look at videos of the flood of 2001.  The city took a boat down the road in front of our cottage (Canal Shore Drive) and filmed the flood crest at its peak on April 24th.  The river water came up to the bottom of the windows on the front of the house and the water went all the way into the back yard near the tracks.  The road had been sandbagged but the water went over the dike in a wind storm.  The NOAA website said the river would rise two feet over the weekend.  But when we went out this afternoon it actually looked like it was down about 4 inches.

See this story in the Quad City Times.

Gangway in river


Now that it is mid March and the snow finally melted here, we went out to survey how the dock fared.  We have a plastic dock that can be reconfigured in several forms.  We found that our home made gangway had fallen off the dock into the river.  But not to worry, the river is so shallow right here, it did not go far.