The 36th annual RAGBRAI (Register’s Annual Great Bike Race Across Iowa) finished up in Leclaire this year.  The Des Moines Register sponsors this bike ride across the state from west to east.  Small Iowa towns host them along the way.   About 13,000 bicyclists ride what they discover is not so flat of a state, dipping their back tire in the Missouri River on the west side of the state, and their front tires in the Mississippi River on the east side of the state.  And many of them party hardy all along the way.  We got caught up in the traffic jam on Saturday morning.  There were many painted school buses that looked like they had time warped from the 1960’s, they hauled gear.  They were pretty much cleared out of town by Saturday afternoon, even though they had to ride 40 miles from the last stop.

Here are some links to see pictures.  Check out the video on the Register’s web site.





Welcome to my blog which will entice and entrall you with life on the Upper Mississippi River.  Our cottage is located on Pool 14 between Clinton and Leclaire Iowa.  We are near the Interstate 80 bridge.  This is the view from our dock of the cottage.  Our plan is to take this down within a year and build a new house which will be elevated over the flood plain.  Come watch our progress.  You can also see Russ, our Cardigan Welsh Corgi, in the window.  You can follow Russ’ exploits on www.cardicorgicapers.blogspot.com.