What is Illlinois hiding about I-80 bridge?

The local newspaper filed an FOIA request on I-80 bridge inspection reports, Illinois DOT manages the bridges.  Illinois stiffed the newspaper, citing national security.

Iowa and Minnesota make their reports public.

More good and decent government in Illinois?

As a regular commuter on the I-80 bridge, I would certainly like to read those reports.

Check out this editorial:


Kim does more yardwork

Despite the fact it was in the 90’s and humid, Kim set out to do yardwork, seemed to be mostly pulling weeds and trimming brush.  But she got to use her new John Deere dump wagon.  She was so happy.


I-80 bridge detour signs confusing

The detour signs have caused all sorts of folks to wander around Leclaire and Bettendorf, just looking for a way over the river.


Update on I-80 bridge over Mississippi

We are hoping to have one lane open both ways by the 4th of July:


Millenium Park Chicago

I made a visit to Chicago for work and was high up in the old Prudential Building (used to be the first skyscraper in town), and now just a creaky building.  But I got some good pictures of the park, the skyline, Soldiers Field.  We could even see down to the Indiana shore.



The Adler Planetarium out on the end of the peninsula and the Shedd Aquarium, and the boat harbor.


Field Natural History Museum, Soldier Field and McCormick Place, plus Buckingham Fountain.

Well, it is about 170 miles east of pool 14, but does Lake Michigan count.

Raindrops on the oak leaves

Took this off the back deck too:


A subtle rainbow

A quick afternoon rain shower produced this rainbow on Monday:


I took these off the back deck, looking up through the trees.

More information on the I-80 Mississippi River Bridge

Check out some more information:


Note the bridges just north and south had lower ratings:


It really is a boring bland bridge.  I have driven over it, and driven a boat under it.  I think that something grander could have been constructed.

I-80 Bridge over Mississippi Closed to Illinois

So you think you can get from Iowa to Illinois just by driving over the Interstate 80 bridge??  Wrong.

The west-east route has been closed for a couple of weeks.  No date certain to reopen.  There is one lane open on the east-west route.

Inspectors are quite cautious about bridges over the Mississippi River these days.

Unfortunatley, the detours are bridges about 15 miles away, one south (well actually west, but that is another story) in Bettendorf, and the other north in Clinton.

I have encountered lost souls at the Casey’s gas station in Princeton Iowa, looking quite out of place and just trying to get back to Chicago.

The closing has increased my morning commute by a half hour.  We Quad Citians are muttering that if we wanted to be tied up in traffic like that we would live in Chicago!


I would normally get on the I-80 bridge here, but I passed it here and went on down to the I-74 bridge in Bettendorf.