My family lives on the river bluff overlooking the Mississippi River.  We are between Le Claire and Princeton, Iowa.  We enjoy the river and the small town of Le Claire which is just north of the Quad Cities.  In my day job, I am an environmental lawyer.

My name is Kathleen Gibson.


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  1. Hi Kathleen! Nice to meet you. My name is Rich. I found your site because I saw someone visit my site who entered keywords for “quad cities”, and then I found your site. I’m an eagle photographer, and visit your area frequently in the winter months. I’m actually from the QC, but now live near Chicago. Just thought I’d say hello. 🙂

    • Glad to meet you…I see you get out here sometimes. The eagles are still here. Hey, you have not lived until you go out to get in your car to go to work and find a half eaten fish out on the hood, dropped by an eagle with a full stomach.

  2. Well wave as we pass this summer Kathleen, Tom

  3. Hi Kathleen,
    I thought a river lover like yourself might be interested in a local Mississippi River Conference.

    Please Join Us at the

    Upper Mississippi River Conference

    September 23-25, 2009

    i wireless Center, Moline, Illinois

    For more information or to register,

    log on to

    Early registration ends in 4 days!

  4. I took a picture of a bridge when I was taking the 280 bypass in June. I was wondering if you could identify which bridge it is if I sent a copy to you.

  5. Kathleen,
    I run a website similiar to yours. It is called It’s for the river boaters in the St. Louis area. The Mississippi, Illinois and Missouri rivers all come together here and Pool 26 is where most of the boaters go. The pool is created by the Melvin Price Dam at Alton, IL and runs up past the confluence of the Illinois River at Grafton, IL …. then on to Winfield, Mo (LD 25). A meca of islands, sandbars, restaurants and marinas.

    I found your site doing google a search for river news and history. Your header picture caugth my eye right away. Great picture !

    I plan to introduce my readers to your site with a brief description and hot link in the near future as part of the daily news……. I would like permission to post your header picture with the article also.

    See you on the river,
    Bill Kelley LLC

  6. Hi Kathleen, my name is Micah Lynn and I own a blog on steamboats! I’m only 10 years old, but I’m really interested in them and I love water. Lakes, Rivers, Oceans…
    I live outside Lexington, KY, so I haven’t seen the river in a while. But I LOOOVE Louisville, they have a steamboat and a great river. My blog is at You should look it up, I enjoy your blog and love the river. I don’t know how to fish though…

  7. Kathleen,
    My wife and I have fallen in love with the LeClaire area and the river. We are from the middle of the state and was wondering if you could point us in the right direction to find a realitor. Also, what areas around LeClaire that would be nice to be around.


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