CNNMoney says we are one of the best places on the water

CNNMoney website recently released a list of the best and most affordable places to be near the water for boating.  And Bettendorf, Iowa, came in #10!  Our main house is currently in Bettendorf until we move.

The article says the average home price for a place on the river is $400,000 here in Bettendorf.  Now Bettendorf proper does not really have that many homes right on the river, so I don’t know where they came up with that number.  But the greater Quad Cities certainly does, including our little cottage for 25% of that price.

Cottage is for sale, so is dock

We are moving up the pool to north of Leclaire.  We have been very busy, which is why so few posts lately.  We sold the house in town before we listed it, but the cottage is available, less than $100,000.

Here is the listing:

We are going down to one house and one RV, and two boats.  The new house will overlook the river, but not be on the river.