Yard Work Galore

Okay, the family is back in yard work galore.  But the big question, if we took all those oak leaves out last fall, why are there truckloads still on the ground after the snow melted?  I was excused because I am slow and because I injured my leg after 9 days in the Winnebago at a dog show.  Can we send out an airplane and send down an aerial glue spray to keep all those leaves on the tree?

Iowa is in the news these days and we are having a wedding here this weekend, must work fast….


Kim worked hard, lots of mud, check out the shoes…


Kim and Aylssa murder those leaves (are you sure this is spring?)


This is one of several leaf piles that ended up in the woods, hopefully to decompose and hold up the hill so our house stays on top of the rise instead of down in the Mississippi River.

Spring comes to the Mississippi River

Sorry for the absence.  We went to Topeka for the national specialty for Cardigan Welsh Corgis.  But spring came while we were gone.

Check out the daffodils planted by previous owners:


And yard work galore, here is some of the mulch:


Princeton Beach

Here are some photos of Princeton Beach, a sandbar beach just north of Princeton, Iowa.  The only way to the beach is by boat.  There are many beaches like this on the northern Mississippi River.  No admission price.