Going down!

Kim, and her brother Chris and their little sister Heidi decided they just had to get a log out of the river by the dock right before the party.   That was danger right there.  Then my sister Mary decided to wander out and help them, oh, not a wise choice.  Fortunately, Chris is an Army man and in good shape.   Heidi was in the river, and as you can see it was not very deep.  I was sure she was going to trip in that mud, so I kept the camera on her.  But keep your eye on my sister in the upper left hand corner.




Log threatens dock


A big log is pointed right at our dock, about ten feet from shore.  We do not even know how it got there since it had to manuever between our neighbor’s dock and ours.  Right now it is not a threat because it is hung up in the Mississippi mud and not going anywhere.  We need to be taller or have a longer pole to get at this thing.  The interstate 80 bridge over the river can be seen in the background.march-dogs-2008-072.jpgmarch-dogs-2008-072.jpg