Nutrients in Mississippi River

Today, I am being more serious.  Okay, I am just reverting to being an environmental lawyer.  Here is a link on a recent study sponsored by the National Academy of Sciences on nutrient load in the river and its effect on the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico.

Mississippi River Runs East and West

This morning I visited the Illinois side of the River and took pictures  at their I-80 rest stop. The river takes a turn in the Quad Cities and runs east and west with Iowa being north of the river.  Just upstream of the I-80 bridge the river takes its turn to the west.  Or to look at it another way, coming from downstream, it turns north.  The cities of Le Claire Iowa and Port Byron Illinois are just upstream of the turn.

So here are some pictures:


The land in the lower part of the picture is Illinois, as is the land at the top of the picture.  This is where it turns north.  Port Byron is the little town at the top.

And here is the I-80 bridge as viewed from the Illinois side:


Remember that rainbow from the summer rain?


Sick of winter here….

Day Tripping Quad Cities to Leclaire

Here is another link from Big River Magazine, about day tripping from Moline, Davenport up to Le Claire Iowa.

Best Views on the Upper Mississippi River

Check out this link from the Big River magazine.  Big River focuses on the Upper Mississippi River.  This one talks a bit about history and the best overlooks.

A little winter reading for you.

Below Zero, and the River Freezes

You can see the Mississippi River starting to freeze over from our back deck yesterday.



Le Claire Iowa Happenings

Le Claire is hosting a chili crawl and eagle watch this weekend.  Check out this local link with a great picture of an eagle fishing in the open waters near Lock and Dam 14.

Mississippi River at -20 F

When I started up the car in the garage this morning, it was –11 F; by the time I got to the highway by the Mississippi River, it was –21 F.  Vapor (or fog) was just billowing up from the still open flowing sections of the river.  I took these shots on the way to work this morning in Le Claire.




More snow again!

According to the weather service we have had about 3/4 of the snow we had last year.

The Mississippi River was beautiful today.  I took these through the living room window.





We had six inches of snow last night.  Didn’t she do a nice job with the John Deere on the front driveway?



And I saw a mature bald eagle fly right over the house today.

Kim and the John Deere tractor