Crest two days away, worse than 2008.

I am pretty sure I will not be able to drive to the cottage tomorrow.

Lake Gibson, the flood in the side yard above.

The houses just up river are a bit drier, built on fill.  We hope to get there too.

I walked around to the back (not easy) and took a picture looking past the well head and out towards the river.  I think it will come in the back door tomorrow for sure.  The breezeway is on a slab and the carpet was already wet.

The city of Leclaire’s riverfront park is under water.  I don’t think the riverboat Twilight is heading out on its trip to Dubuque soon.

Going to beat June 2008 crest!!

The Mississippi River is coming up real fast.  We called the utility company to turn off all power tonight.  I think the river will come over the road, Canal Shore Drive, tonight.  Parts of it are already underwater.  Our cottage is the white one, and there is water under the front part.  I took these pictures about 6:30 pm tonight.  Nasty weather today, in the 30’s for temperature and times of heavy rain.

Wish you were here!!

Ole Man River Keeps on Coming

We still have another foot and a half to crest late next week, not taking into account any rain up north this week.  It is not over the bank, but we have about three inches under the front half of the cottage already.  Yuck.

River going up, but looks the same to me

River level in front of the cottage looks about the same, but Weather Service says river is going up.  I took this picture this afternoon.

Mississippi River coming up

Here is a picture from last Saturday, March 19th:

And here is one from Thursday March 24th:

65% chance of record flood

So we are moving the stuff on out of the cottage.  This will be a process.  In the 1965 flood, the river came right up to under the window sills.

Snow melt is coming downstream!

We are at about a 95% chance of moderate to major flooding about 5 weeks from now.  Guess we better stay close to home!,1,1,1,1,0,1,1&toggles=10,7,8,2,9,15,6

Fish Tank at Mississippi River Museum

A big tank full of fish pulled from the Mississippi River is a neat, but somewhat neanderthal touch.  The fish are all big and ugly and they have teeth.  I caught Kim under this big catfish and yes, it is alive!

Mississippi River Museum Dubuque

We took a day off on Monday and went up to the National Mississippi River Museum in Dubuque.  I will share some photos with you for the next few posts.  Highly recommended for river buffs.   Did you know Mississippi means Big River in Ojibwa?

Snow and Ice are Melting

Here is a view from our back deck today, the ice on the river is almost gone.