First snow

Here was the view from the deck today:

First Iowa Snow
First Iowa Snow

But there is something funky going on with our driveway, no snow accumulation.

Le Claire Rivermen

Le Claire was formerly the head of the Rock Island Rapids, which challenged all of the best riverboat pilots.  The Rock Island Rapids was a treacherous stretch of river navigating, right through what is now the Quad Cities.  When the Corps put in the latest series of locks and dams in the 1930’s, the river channel was maintained at 9 feet and the river level was raised above the rapids.  But the River Boat pilots were men of lore, and here is part of their story:

Drive Home

On the way home tonight, about 430 p.m., I took some pictures just north of Le Claire.

Here is Port Byron, IL, which is right across the Mississippi River:

Port Byron IL

Port Byron IL

And then I took some shots on the north drive:

Mississippi north of Le Claire Iowa

Mississippi north of Le Claire IowaMississippi north of Le Claire


Pool 16

Today, I had to go to the county building in Davenport.  So I took a detour up the bluff to Riverview Terrace, a city park in Davenport.

Here are some pictures I took, both of the Mississippi River, and of a couple of grand houses right behind the park.

Downtown Davenport view of river
Downtown Davenport view of river


And on the city of Davenport’s web site, they have a gallery of pictures on their home page and many of them are of the river.

Train down the Iowa side of the Mississippi River

Kim conquers the leaves

Now doesn’t this look better?


Here are the tools of relocation:

Craftsman chipper shredder vacuum

Craftsman chipper shredder vacuum

It has two forward speeds, no reverse, which can be a definite disadvantage, since it then requires tugging it back.   Kim said better than raking or blowing.  A wing nut fell off each side of the handle during operation, and the hose had a tear.  But even intact, I don’t think the hose worked well. 
The dogs were intrigued:

Barge through the oak leaves

I caught this view from our deck:

Barge thru the fall leaves

Barge thru the fall leaves