Go Fish Restaurant, Princeton Iowa

A fun place right on the Mississippi River in Princeton, Iowa.  The top floor has a large outdoor patio with tiki bar.  It is a bit cozier in the winter inside. But outside on the patio, they do run outdoor heaters when the temperature takes a chill.

Nice view of the river and decent food.  Mostly just grill food, but they have a special every night.  They have bands on some weekends too.  Beer, too.

From the bottom picture, you can see the start of the Princeton backwaters and Princeton Beach.  This is looking north.

Grain Unloading and Loading on Barges

I took some pictures from the river of the grain unloading and loading terminals on pool 14:

Silly me, that’s a tug with loaded barges.  At first, they seem to be intimidating to new recreational boaters.  But after awhile you learn they are very predictable, unlike all those other recreational boaters, particularly those trying to take their speed boats as fast as they can go.

Tulips on the River Bluff

Here we go.  This is from a couple of weeks ago, but we still have some bloomers: