Incentives to finish the I-80 bridge early

Civil Constructors won the contract to repair the bridge.  This is just repair, they recently built a whole bridge over the Rock River and finished it a year early.  But is it a good idea to rush?

Last summer’s work as seen through no leaves

The leaves are down, we can see the river again.  We can also see last August’s woodpiles, standing there starkly.  I hope we can get them upside before the snow sets in.

Gitmo prisoners to Thomson IL

There has been a lot of news lately about the possibility of closing Gitmo and moving prisoners to an unused state prison about 40 miles north of here.  It is located just north of Thomson IL and is a testament to IL politics.  High security prison, never fully opened.  The jail is already high security;  it would be sold to the feds and beefed up even more.  It could bring over 2000 jobs to the area.  The closest bridges over the river are the two in Clinton IA.   I have read a lot in the national press that makes us sound like a sad bunch of local yocals… sad little town.  That is just not true.


Clearing up the leaves with a Cyclone Rake

Kim out on the front lawn with her John Deere and Cyclone Rake.  River is in the background.

The leaves all fell off in one week


The backyard as seen from the deck above.


I am going to have to shovel this deck with a snow shovel.


But we can see the Mississippi River from our deck and living room again.