White pelicans on the Mississippi River

The white pelicans migrate through here, but sometimes it seesm they get quite comfortable and do not leave.  (This happens to many folks in the Quad Cities, who thought they were just passing thru, just ask Kim).  I did not take these pictures since I was at work and it was the middle of the day, but Kim caught them using my camera.  I really enjoy the one with them all diving down at once.  As you can see, it was right off of our dock.  And between flood crests.

Must have been some good fish under there…..

White Pelicans are Back

What: White Pelican Watch

Where: Lock and Dam 14, near Pleasant Valley, Iowa. Take U.S. Highway 61 North to Interstate 280, travel to Interstate 80 E. Chicago exit, merge onto U.S. Highway 67 exit.

When: 9 a.m.-1 p.m., Saturday and Sunday, March 29 and 30.

Who: The public is invited.

The white pelicans have returned.  They winter on the gulf coast and migrate north following the Mississippi.  They can get up to 30 pounds in weight.  

Check out this link which gives some more information on the bird:


We need a better camera to get good pictures of them, what an incentive to buy one. 

We get bald eagles in December and January, and now pelicans.