Going to beat June 2008 crest!!

The Mississippi River is coming up real fast.  We called the utility company to turn off all power tonight.  I think the river will come over the road, Canal Shore Drive, tonight.  Parts of it are already underwater.  Our cottage is the white one, and there is water under the front part.  I took these pictures about 6:30 pm tonight.  Nasty weather today, in the 30’s for temperature and times of heavy rain.

Wish you were here!!


Ole Man River Keeps on Coming

We still have another foot and a half to crest late next week, not taking into account any rain up north this week.  It is not over the bank, but we have about three inches under the front half of the cottage already.  Yuck.

Snow melt is coming downstream!

We are at about a 95% chance of moderate to major flooding about 5 weeks from now.  Guess we better stay close to home!


Higher than normal chance of flooding this year

But of course.  And I am not so sure what is normal anymore when it comes to weather, although we still do have 4 seasons.


July 2010 Flood

To sum it up from our vantage point, a lot of hoopla about not much of nothing.  Unfortunately, we rushed down on Saturday to get our boat out of the river what with the official forecasts having the river rising 6 feet in one day.  Well, my spouse slipped at the boat ramp and severely broke her left wrist.  Bones displaced and all.  Our boating season is over.

Houses on Stilts

We have noted that the most flooding occurs just downstream from the dam.   The further downstream one is from the dam, the less the flooding, at least in that pool.   So the worst place to be is just downstream from the dam.

Our pool 14 is about 30 miles long.  The upstream dam is 30 miles north, north of Clinton, Iowa.   That is lock and dam 13.  Lock and dam 14 is just south of Leclaire Iowa.   Our cottage is about 1/2 mile upstream from lock and dam 14.

When it floods, it is not as bad at our cottage as it upstream in pool 14.  Clinton is pretty well levied so the next spot where it comes out is just south of Clinton north of Albany, Illinois.

(There is some thought that levees in cities actually serve as a funnel to send the water downstream and make the flooding worse downstream.)

So the houses on the shore north of Albany, Illinois are up on stilts.  Here are some shots I took from the boat.

Wading in flood waters in work clothes

Laurie stopped by her cottage on the way home from work to check up on it.  She waded down the normally dry road to get in, but abandoned all boots on the way back out since to get into her back door, it was going over the top of her boots.  We got this one on crest day.



Good thing we can keep our sense of humor.  She and her husband have since repainted, replanted and decorated.  Looks good.