I-80 Bridge over Mississippi River

Still closed eastbound to Illinois from Iowa.  I advise advance planning for travelers.

Tugfest is coming

Hey, get in the groove….



Shimming the bridge

Well, looks like the Illinois DOT has shimmed the outside lanes of the I-80 bridge.


Waving down by the River in Leclaire


Here is a happy fellow showing off his civic pride, well, I mean the guy waving, not the one on the bench.

MetLife blimp arrives for John Deere Classic

The Metlife blimp got here a couple of days early and it was such a beautiful day, the pilots must have said, “I will see enough golf, let’s head for the river.”  I took this shot from our boat late Sunday afternoon.


Check out the John Deere Classic, I bet the blimp will be there.


The Twilight, LeClaire to Dubuque

This boat makes a day trip to Dubuque, stays overnight and comes back to Leclaire.  Here is a view from the Mississippi River.



Cantilever lanes on I-80 bridge

Here is a better view of the cantilevered outside lanes on the I-80 bridge.  These outside lanes are the ones that are stressed according to the Illinois DOT.  Traffic has been routed to the inside lanes.  The contractor is making definite progress in getting the Illinois side westbound lanes repaved.


We take our boat under the bridge a lot.