Snow and Ice are Melting

Here is a view from our back deck today, the ice on the river is almost gone.

PBS show on the Bald Eagle

PBS’s Nature program ran a series on the Bald Eagles and you can watch it entirely or in segments on this web site:

I enjoyed it and there are parts on the Eagles in the Upper Mississippi River Valley.

Bald Eagles

They are back!  We took the dogs out to the back yard for their morning run and had to hustle them back in when the eagles started circling the yard.   Now that is a bummer.

But Bald Eagle Days are next weekend at the Quad City Expo Center.

Crazy Icicles

We have some great icicles on the front of the house, we had a thaw just before it froze and snowed again…

Mississippi River is freezing early

The temperature has drooped and ice blocks are forming on river, perhaps stranding some tugs and barges.

Snow before and after

View from our backyard:

More snow today

Here is a view of Kim on the tractor clearing the snow:

That was this morning.  This afternoon it was snowing again.  Here is the front yard:

And the view out the back,  looking over the deck and out to the Mississippi River, which is really not visible:

I think I will check to see what it looked like a year ago.

Ice Blocks on the River

A picture from a bygone era, standing on ice blocks on Mississippi River near Buffalo, Iowa:

Full moon over Mississippi River

Full moon, clear, cool night.  I took this from our back deck this evening:

Snowed Again!!!

Here we go again.  This is taken from our back deck north of LeClaire Iowa.  The Mississippi River looks cold today.


We are taking some photography classes, so maybe we will get some better pictures….