More snow today

Here is a view of Kim on the tractor clearing the snow:

That was this morning.  This afternoon it was snowing again.  Here is the front yard:

And the view out the back,  looking over the deck and out to the Mississippi River, which is really not visible:

I think I will check to see what it looked like a year ago.


Snowed Again!!!

Here we go again.  This is taken from our back deck north of LeClaire Iowa.  The Mississippi River looks cold today.


We are taking some photography classes, so maybe we will get some better pictures….

Snow Again!!!

It could have been worse, only a couple of inches and melting fast.


More snow again!

According to the weather service we have had about 3/4 of the snow we had last year.

The Mississippi River was beautiful today.  I took these through the living room window.





We had six inches of snow last night.  Didn’t she do a nice job with the John Deere on the front driveway?



And I saw a mature bald eagle fly right over the house today.

More snow




Kim tackles the snow