Barge through the oak leaves

I caught this view from our deck:

Barge thru the fall leaves

Barge thru the fall leaves

Up river in Dubuque again

I got this picture going over the highway 61 bridge in Dubuque last week.  The crest was well past, but if you look very carefully in the distance, you will see a barge that has run up against the highway 20 bridge downriver.  There is a railroad bridge first, and then the silver spans of the highway 20 bridge.  Look about 2/3 of the way up the picture, 1/4 of the way in from the right.  Sorry, taking pictures from a moving RV can be a challenge.


First barge of the spring


The river seems about the same today.  I did get a picture of the first barge we have seen this season.  I also learned how to drive the RV today, drove it through town to Walmart, parked, went shopping and drove back to the cottage on I-80.  Yeah!!


Up river in Dubuque


Yesterday we were in Dubuque for a dog show.   We went over to the new refurbished riverfront and snapped a couple of pictures.  Still some ice around.  Check out the Corps’ work barge.

Barges are back


Today we started doing some boxing up of our cottage belongings.  However, the river did not look too threatening.  It does appear to be moving faster and has a strange pooling quality on the surface.

You can see how fast the current is moving by checking out our video.  Note the ducks just floating downstream on the current.

AND, the barges are back.  See what is coming upstream here:

I hope they are only going as far as Clinton, since there is still ice on the other side of that dam.