Piloting a Barge and Tow Boat

Here is Kim piloting a barge down the Mississippi River at the simulator at the Mississippi River Museum in Dubuque.  She collided with another barge, but I ran a barge into a bridge!

Fish Tank at Mississippi River Museum

A big tank full of fish pulled from the Mississippi River is a neat, but somewhat neanderthal touch.  The fish are all big and ugly and they have teeth.  I caught Kim under this big catfish and yes, it is alive!

Mississippi River Museum Dubuque

We took a day off on Monday and went up to the National Mississippi River Museum in Dubuque.  I will share some photos with you for the next few posts.  Highly recommended for river buffs.   Did you know Mississippi means Big River in Ojibwa?

Snow and Ice are Melting

Here is a view from our back deck today, the ice on the river is almost gone.