Crest two days away, worse than 2008.

I am pretty sure I will not be able to drive to the cottage tomorrow.

Lake Gibson, the flood in the side yard above.

The houses just up river are a bit drier, built on fill.  We hope to get there too.

I walked around to the back (not easy) and took a picture looking past the well head and out towards the river.  I think it will come in the back door tomorrow for sure.  The breezeway is on a slab and the carpet was already wet.

The city of Leclaire’s riverfront park is under water.  I don’t think the riverboat Twilight is heading out on its trip to Dubuque soon.

River is down in Leclaire

I went to Chicago for business for a couple of days, so I got a bit behind.  The river is comfortably back in its banks, but it has left behind a muddy film on everything.  And there are a lot of dead earthworms on the ground, they drowned when the river came up.  So here are some pictures from Wednesday, June 18, 2008.

And when I returned home today Friday June 20th, it almost looked normal.  It will take some rain cleansing and lawn mowing to get back to normal.  But the ground is quite saturated, so we could wait on the rain a few days.   So, here is Friday

I think I will have to wait a couple more weeks to ask you to sit out by the fire.  But we are so much more fortunate than others in Iowa.




Not our river clothes

We went out to dinner at one of the two nice restaurants in Leclaire, so we decided to take some photos.

Here is Kim:

Next is me, with our two show dogs, Cardigan Welsh Corgis, Russ and Music, on leash.

Second Crest

Tomorrow night we are supposed to crest at 14.4 feet which is considered a major flood.  Apparently because of the lateral dam we have a special spot that makes us less susceptible to the flooding.     We spent the day sending big logs and junk hung up on the docks downstream.  We also spent time reviewing the NOAA site.  So today it came up over the bank.

Watch the slant of the gangway as I post new pictures.  Remember we have a floating dock.

I caught the crane fishing down at Spike’s dock which is under water.


Crazy drive home from Cedar Rapids

We left a farm north of Cedar Rapids last night about 7.   The skies were gray, sprinkling rain.  But we spotted cloud to ground lightning off to the west.  So we thought we ought to book it back east, but the Iowa DOT closed a portion of interstate 80 at 8 pm.  Seems like the Cedar River decided to take out the interstate bridge.

We drove the Impala to Tipton and then down to exchange 267.  We could only go east.  Nightfall was coming.  The sky was already dark gray.  We did notice that I-80 which is normally very heavily traveled, was almost empty.  We discovered that IDOT was only allowing local traffic.  Not a semi truck in sight.

We could see the dark clouds and cloud to ground lightning of what appeared to a nasty storm in our rear view mirror back towards Iowa City.  We received phone calls from home in Leclaire that tornados had touched down across the river, and not to hurry home.  We later learned that our son was at the neighbors and they all huddled in an interior bathroom and put a mattress over their heads.  As we were driving, Kim said she spotted a funnel cloud off to the north.  We thought “who is computer proficient?” and ended up calling her sister Heidi in Austin.  We asked for Iowa remote weather alert.  She checked the computer and said we were right in the middle of several nasty cells, and yes, Kim could very well have spotted a tornado.  What do to do, get off the interstate, we were right near a very large truck stop.  Kim said, no I have to beat that storm home behind us, and I think the funnel cloud is going north. 

So we beat it down a nearly empty interstate.  We got home, got the dogs out of their crates (they were very quiet all the way home.)   We were back in Leclaire about 20 minutes when the storm hit.  Four inches of rain and high winds.  We went to our bathroom, and it did calm down.   But we had lakes in the front and side yards.

We had all sorts of river debris and large logs we had to clean out from the dock today.

Now we are worrying about a possible flood, cresting on Monday.  It is now up higher than it was in April.

The flood prediction is now up at 15 feet, cresting on Monday.  We have a friend who is a contractor.  She came out and did some level work.  Fifteen feet would come to the bottom of our porch.

We plan on taking the RV north to Minnesota, I wonder how I will route us?  So many Iowa roads, including major interstates are shut down because of flooding.

But I get ahead of myself.  I don’t think we have the energy or time to get all the furniture out again.   Check in tomorrow to see what we decide to do.

Cedar Rapids

Okay, we are nuts.   We wanted to see the new Cardigan Welsh Corgis puppies just north of Cedar Rapids. So we set out, and decided to snake northeast and try to avoid I-80.  So we went towards Cedar Rapids on US 30.  Of course, once we got near the Cedar River, the police just started to close the road behind us.   We ended up going up I-380 and went over the interstate bridge which is the only bridge open over the Cedar River in Cedar Rapids.

So traffic slowed down.  I held the camera out the window and up. The water was incredible.  The Cedar is normally a tame river.  It had spread out over a mile south of down town.  And they are five days from crest.  So here are some of the pictures I got. 


Flood again???

The water is just as high today as it was at the earlier crest.  It just keeps raining.  I saw a video of some flooding up in Wisconsin, Lake Delton drained and cut a new path to the Wisconsin River, houses fell into the lake, and that all drains into the Mississippi north of here.  Check out this video on CNN:

We love the Wisconsin Dells.  The Tommy Bartlett show is having problems now, no lake to perform in.

I took this picture this evening.  Note how high the river is compared to earlier:

The dead carp and tire that drifted downstream are now submerged.

Spike’s dock is back under water:

It is fine weather for ducks:

Of course, the cats are only mildly concerned:

I will say that the water is not moving nearly as fast as it was at the end of April.  But enough is enough, can we send this water to California?

And 60 miles west in Iowa City, Coralville Lake is expected to crest tonight over the the spillway and go down into Iowa City.  It did that in 1993, and cut away 15 feet of silt from the bottom of the Iowa River and exposed fossils millions of years old.  Also took out a campground and road.

More news tomorrow.


River is down, down

The river has dropped three feet here already, just a week after flood stage.  The dock went half way out today, on purpose.  We have been frantic busy.  We moved all the stuff back down to the cottage and we are here for the summer.  I can’t take a picture of the empty garage in Bettendorf because the automatic garage door opener failed and it is stuck in the closed position.  We have everything unpacked here at the cottage except the garage.  We did clean out some stuff in the process.  But we are fostering a shy purebred Welsh Cardi Corgi female, so there is even more chaos than normal.  And the big dog decided she wants to sit outside all the time and sits down and won’t move –hard to make a 100 pound dog move.  More later.

Going down, rain up north

We have backed off the crest a bit and we did not get flooded!!  Rain up north is predicted, but they don’t think it will cause the river to go back up much, but then one never knows.  We plan on moving the furniture back to the cottage this weekend.

Here are the update photos

Looks like we have a problem with the boat lift:




One more thing — tourists

Sightseers, tourists, they were all driving up and down Canal Shore Drive this weekend.  The road runs in front of our house, between the house and river.  Frankly, they were a nuisance.  They did not offer to get out and help.  Rather they just kept driving when we were walking back and forth over the road.  They even seemed to be annoyed when the pick up truck was blocking the road while pulling the log out of the river.  They were not driving as fast as the summer tourists but they were still a nuisance.