Lock and dam 15 April 26 2008

Check out the pictures I took today back down at the foot of the lock and dam.  The road was closed, so we walked down there, along with a lot of anglers.  The fishing must be good in a flood, perch and buffalo.

Meanwhile, the rollers are wide open, completely raised off the river bed and letting the river go.  The Corps does that at flood time because these are not really meant to control flooding, but rather to maintain the pool level for navigation.

Lock and dam 15 is the largest roller dam in the world.  Here are interesting links that describe roller dams fishing, and the navigation channel construction:









Davenport is having river issues

I did make it to downtown Davenport today.  The city blocked off river drive, and started construction of earthen dikes covered in plastic on the street.  The dirt replaces sandbags and they are putting it far enough away from the river that it should have some effect.

Lock and dam 15 Watch the river

Here is a video I took last week of the water coming out of lock and dam 15, heading right for downtown Davenport.   Flooding is much worse directly below a dam.  Anyone have a theory?


Davenport riverfront summer festivals 2008

Follow this link to check out the activity in Davenport this summer:


In Leclaire we have Tugfest (a tug or war with a big rope over the river, between Illinois and Iowa teams.)

I will add links on the other cities later.

Iowa’s Undiscovered shore

I thought you might like to view this New York Times travel article on Iowa’s undiscovered shore: