Grain Unloading and Loading on Barges

I took some pictures from the river of the grain unloading and loading terminals on pool 14:

Silly me, that’s a tug with loaded barges.  At first, they seem to be intimidating to new recreational boaters.  But after awhile you learn they are very predictable, unlike all those other recreational boaters, particularly those trying to take their speed boats as fast as they can go.

What is this on the barges?

This was going up the river yesterday, what is it?

Mississippi River is Closing

I think the barges are racing now.  I saw a tow going down river without barges.  And they were passing:

The tow going down river had no barges, the one going up river had some barges.  The empty ones sit higher, the loaded ones sit lower (makes sense…)

The local news just announced that the Mississippi River is closing to commercial traffic because of the second round of flooding.  The tributaries that flow into the river south of here are just flooding awful.  Check out the Cedar River in Cedar Rapids and up river in Waterloo and Cedar Falls.

Barges, docks and nice weather

The barges are back:

The entertainment area is up in front of the cottage:

It is turned away from the river because of bad wind that day.

The dock is back out, but not connected.  The gangway has been fished out from the river and reinstalled.  We are waiting delivery of our aluminum gangway.

Come sit by the river a spell: