Snowed Again!!!

Here we go again.  This is taken from our back deck north of LeClaire Iowa.  The Mississippi River looks cold today.


We are taking some photography classes, so maybe we will get some better pictures….

Interesting houses on Canal Shore Le Claire

Here is an interesting one.  Through the grapevine I have heard it has been owned by one family for a long time, and the most current owners have rehabbed it.  Based on the outside, they did a really nice job.  I have also heard it was part of the Underground Railroad.


Mississippi River I-80 bridge from below

Here is what this bridge looks like from the ground on the Iowa side:




Construction of Lock and Dam 15: 1930’s

The local paper had a slide show with historical pictures of the construction of Lock and Dam 15 in Rock Island IL during the 1930’s.  It is double lock.

Snow Again!!!

It could have been worse, only a couple of inches and melting fast.


More Mississippi River Backwaters

Some more pictures:





Note the flood gate which controls the water levels in the different pools.  The muskrat lodge is in this pool, just on the other side of the tree on the left.

Mississippi River Backwaters

Here are some more pictures from the Princeton Iowa wildlife refuge. 


Princeton Wildlife Refuge

This morning we traveled about three miles north and found the unmarked (at least in terms of entrance roads) Princeton Wildlife Refuge.  It is managed by Iowa DNR and consists of Mississippi River backwaters.  There are some powered gates to control water levels.  I will share some pictures with you.




These are muskrat huts or lodges.

Here is a wikipedia link:

These can be nasty animals.  A year and a half ago, one of these muskrats, probably a nursing female, hung onto the nose of our old mixed breed 90 pound dog.  Between the dog and me beating the muskrat with a stick, the muskrat died.  I am sure the dog did most of it.  But my dog needed about 40 stitches on her nose, it was quite a mess.

What a nice day and it is Saturday!

img_1395It was in the 50’s today and sunny!  Just the right weather to blow off the stink and take the two male dogs for a walk down by the river.  Here are the resident geese that live year round down on the canal.  The male can be particularly noisy as he protects his harem.


Ice Fishing

Check out the cover of Our Iowa magazine, ice fishing north of here on the river. That dog has it pretty good.