CNNMoney says we are one of the best places on the water

CNNMoney website recently released a list of the best and most affordable places to be near the water for boating.  And Bettendorf, Iowa, came in #10!  Our main house is currently in Bettendorf until we move.

The article says the average home price for a place on the river is $400,000 here in Bettendorf.  Now Bettendorf proper does not really have that many homes right on the river, so I don’t know where they came up with that number.  But the greater Quad Cities certainly does, including our little cottage for 25% of that price.

Duck Creek


This is the creek and recreational path that runs by our house in town in the Quad Cities.  This is a creek in eastern Iowa, but I know in many parts of the world this would be a river.  But when a person lives on the Mississippi River, this is a creek, and we call it Duck Creek.  It is a very nice walking path, although in warmer weather one has to watch out for the stealth bikers.