Snow before and after

View from our backyard:

Remember that rainbow from the summer rain?


Sick of winter here….

More snow again!

According to the weather service we have had about 3/4 of the snow we had last year.

The Mississippi River was beautiful today.  I took these through the living room window.





We had six inches of snow last night.  Didn’t she do a nice job with the John Deere on the front driveway?



And I saw a mature bald eagle fly right over the house today.

Gangway in river


Now that it is mid March and the snow finally melted here, we went out to survey how the dock fared.  We have a plastic dock that can be reconfigured in several forms.  We found that our home made gangway had fallen off the dock into the river.  But not to worry, the river is so shallow right here, it did not go far.