Higher than normal chance of flooding this year

But of course.  And I am not so sure what is normal anymore when it comes to weather, although we still do have 4 seasons.


More bird cams

This is not strictly pool14, but it is interesting.  Excel, a Minnesota energy company, has positioned bird cams at several locations near their generating sites.  They have several and you can view the laying and hatching of the eggs.

Go here:



Alcoa Works adds Bald Eagle cam

Just down river from us in Pool 15, between LeClaire and Bettendorf, sits a huge Alcoa plant.  Formally, it is in Riverdale Iowa, but it is called the Davenport plant.  It is adjacent to the River.

The good folks there spotted a bald eage pair nesting on a remote part of their property, and they just installed an eagle cam.  It is not quite up to doing live feeds, but it will be soon.  Right now they are posting stored videos and still shots.  Definitely worth a look.


PBS show on the Bald Eagle

PBS’s Nature program ran a series on the Bald Eagles and you can watch it entirely or in segments on this web site:


I enjoyed it and there are parts on the Eagles in the Upper Mississippi River Valley.

Bald Eagles

They are back!  We took the dogs out to the back yard for their morning run and had to hustle them back in when the eagles started circling the yard.   Now that is a bummer.

But Bald Eagle Days are next weekend at the Quad City Expo Center.