Details on I-80 Bridge Repair 2010

The Le Claire Iowa chamber of commerce website has a link to a powerpoint developed by Illinois DOT with more details on the work.  It is informative:

Full moon over Mississippi River

Full moon, clear, cool night.  I took this from our back deck this evening:

The Twilight, LeClaire to Dubuque

This boat makes a day trip to Dubuque, stays overnight and comes back to Leclaire.  Here is a view from the Mississippi River.



Interesting houses on Canal Shore Le Claire

Here is an interesting one.  Through the grapevine I have heard it has been owned by one family for a long time, and the most current owners have rehabbed it.  Based on the outside, they did a really nice job.  I have also heard it was part of the Underground Railroad.


Snow Again!!!

It could have been worse, only a couple of inches and melting fast.


Day Tripping Quad Cities to Leclaire

Here is another link from Big River Magazine, about day tripping from Moline, Davenport up to Le Claire Iowa.

Le Claire downtown at night

The lights  are up in downtown:

Downtown Iowa

Downtown Iowa