Upper Mississippi River Conference

Last weekend saw some activity at the conference center in Moline.  Check out these stories:



Illinois wins Tugfest, they lead the series

My loyalties are divided.  I grew up in Moline, Illinois, went to college at the University of Illinois in ChampaignUrbana and law school at Northwestern in Chicago.  I work in Illinois, but since 1980 have been living in Iowa.

So Illinois won our tugging of war last weekend and now has a good lead in the series.  Here are some links:


We took our boat out on the river to see the fireworks.  We had to move after the fireworks barge docked right next to us in the channel.  So we went down stream to tie up with our neighbors and got a loose boat fender stuck in our prop.  It was hard to get an anchor to lodge in the river bed.  And we had to hug the Illinois side because right in front of Leclaire the river is over 50 feet deep and our rope anchor does not have that long of a rope.  We got loose and started heading towards the burger boat.  But the fireworks were great.  I took some pictures, but I don’t think they turned out so well.

Tubing on the river

We took the kids tubing right up between Leclaire and Port Byron where the river widens:

I am the spotter — I tell Kim when they have fallen off the tube.  Or as happened with this tube, when it deflates!!

What is this on the barges?

This was going up the river yesterday, what is it?

Countdown to tugfest

There is a rivalry between Leclaire, IA and Port Byron, IL.  We have a rope tug of war across the river every year.  Well, the weekend is coming up.  See this link:


Place your bets.  Who wins, Iowa or Illinois?  I have mixed loyalties.  I live in Iowa, work in Illinois and went to college and law school in Illinois. But our best friend works for the University of Iowa.

Getting the boat into the channel

Our house is on an old canal entrance.  There is a long lateral dam that runs for quite a ways, from the entrance to the old locks (which are now summer recreational locks) up to just south of the town of Leclaire.  Lateral dams run parallel to the shore, wing dams perpendicular to the shore.

Here is the Corps river map of this area.  Learning to read one of these maps is critical for newbie boaters on the river.  You can see the lateral dam here along the Iowa Side.


Inside the canal is a no wake zone.

To get out to the channel, we go down past Green Gables.  Then there is a break in the lateral dam between the rock piles and out we go to the channel.

I also looked over my shoulder and got a picture of tugs and barges going south thru the locks

And as we went towards the I-80 bridge, I got some pictures.  Note the construction, they are finding more rust than just the gussets:
I-80 bridge from the Mississippi River

I-80 bridge from the Mississippi River

Hard to get nice pictures when the boat is rocking over the waves.

River restaurants in Pool 14

Say you are just out for a cruise and suddenly, you are very very hungry.  If the Burger Boat is not nearby, then it is time to pull into shore and get a bite.  Here are some restaurants where you can dock your boat and go on in.


This new entry is up the river in Princeton.

A fellow blogger mentioned it in his blog:


And took a picture from the air during the flood.

Up above is my picture from the river.

Another new entry is “Its on the River” which is in Port Byron, Illinois.


I have to admit I have not checked out Cordova or Camanche, but I have not heard of anything there.

Up in Albany Illinois, there is a restaurant called McCabes Landing.  Dock the boat on the city docks, walk over the tracks, go up in the steps in the back and you are there.  Take cash.

The City of Clinton Iowa has started work on a grand new marina which is to include a new restaurant.  Nothing final yet, the floods slowed construction down.


And of course, you can always take a picnic lunch to Princeton Beach.