Crest two days away, worse than 2008.

I am pretty sure I will not be able to drive to the cottage tomorrow.

Lake Gibson, the flood in the side yard above.

The houses just up river are a bit drier, built on fill.  We hope to get there too.

I walked around to the back (not easy) and took a picture looking past the well head and out towards the river.  I think it will come in the back door tomorrow for sure.  The breezeway is on a slab and the carpet was already wet.

The city of Leclaire’s riverfront park is under water.  I don’t think the riverboat Twilight is heading out on its trip to Dubuque soon.

Going to beat June 2008 crest!!

The Mississippi River is coming up real fast.  We called the utility company to turn off all power tonight.  I think the river will come over the road, Canal Shore Drive, tonight.  Parts of it are already underwater.  Our cottage is the white one, and there is water under the front part.  I took these pictures about 6:30 pm tonight.  Nasty weather today, in the 30’s for temperature and times of heavy rain.

Wish you were here!!

Crocuses are up!

From our front yard:

Snow and Ice are Melting

Here is a view from our back deck today, the ice on the river is almost gone.

Snow before and after

View from our backyard:

LeClaire Lofts

There is a new place to stay in downtown Leclaire.  A renovated place right downtown.   Check out this link:

Our acorns

The oak trees in our yard produce acorns every other year and this is one of the years.  I got some early acorn pictures, although I must admit these are already several weeks old.  Ripe acorns are attacking our deck now.

July 2010 Flood

To sum it up from our vantage point, a lot of hoopla about not much of nothing.  Unfortunately, we rushed down on Saturday to get our boat out of the river what with the official forecasts having the river rising 6 feet in one day.  Well, my spouse slipped at the boat ramp and severely broke her left wrist.  Bones displaced and all.  Our boating season is over.

I-80 Bridge Open to Two Way Traffic

After three months of the east bound span being closed (resulting in my drive to work taking 50 minutes, hey I could be in Iowa City if I went straight west that long), the bridge opened to two way traffic (after I went to work) on Friday.   The east span that had been completely closed is now one lane each way, since now we can use the outer lane.  The west span is now completely closed.

See this story:

Tulips on the River Bluff

Here we go.  This is from a couple of weeks ago, but we still have some bloomers: