Below Zero, and the River Freezes

You can see the Mississippi River starting to freeze over from our back deck yesterday.



More snow again!

According to the weather service we have had about 3/4 of the snow we had last year.

The Mississippi River was beautiful today.  I took these through the living room window.





We had six inches of snow last night.  Didn’t she do a nice job with the John Deere on the front driveway?



And I saw a mature bald eagle fly right over the house today.

Packing it up


They made a lot of progress today, see what ended up in our garage in town.  Of course, the cars are in the driveway and street.

Ice is back


The river had some ice on it today.  Check out this picture of the gangway, note the ice that has collected, plus it appears the river level was higher and then went back down, note the debris collected above the water level on the gangway plank.