Will it flood again?

I was really getting worried about it coming up again, especially after reading about Lake Delton draining at the Dells.  We love the Dells, as tacky as it is.   But Lake Delton escaped to the Wisconsin River, which drains to the Mississippi at Prairie du Chien WI and McGregor IA.  So it is heading down here, but just a blip in the flow of the Mississippi.  And over 60 miles west, Coralville Lake may go over the spillway and flood Iowa City.  We have very good friends upstream in Solon.

But Kim called me about 11 am and said she watched the river drop about two feet.  Our only theory is that the Corps opened up the roller and tainter gates at lock and dam 14 and let it go downstream.  So now it does not look so bad.  Today was absolutely a lovely day, low 80s temperature, low humidity and clear skies.  So here are some pictures from today:

We moved the Charleston bench from the bank and put it out on the end of the dock for Nick who loves to fish.  We learned from experience that we need to secure it so it is tied to a dock pole.  Last year we pulled it out of the river mud.  It survived 50 mile an hour winds two nights ago, so Kim really tied it down.

You will also note that we lost some pole covers as the poles sunk into the mud.  Kim put some attachment mechanisms on the end which are wide enough that they will not let the pole sink down – they will get caught.  But we know the river went down because Spike’s dock reappeared, and our gangplank went from being level to slanting down again.

Check into tomorrow.


Going down!

Kim, and her brother Chris and their little sister Heidi decided they just had to get a log out of the river by the dock right before the party.   That was danger right there.  Then my sister Mary decided to wander out and help them, oh, not a wise choice.  Fortunately, Chris is an Army man and in good shape.   Heidi was in the river, and as you can see it was not very deep.  I was sure she was going to trip in that mud, so I kept the camera on her.  But keep your eye on my sister in the upper left hand corner.




Barges, docks and nice weather

The barges are back:

The entertainment area is up in front of the cottage:

It is turned away from the river because of bad wind that day.

The dock is back out, but not connected.  The gangway has been fished out from the river and reinstalled.  We are waiting delivery of our aluminum gangway.

Come sit by the river a spell:


Boat lift levitates!!

Crane arrives:

Now it has to go out to the lift:

Okay, now it has to get that thing out of there.  It is stuck in the Mississippi River mud:

There was a 50 foot log stuck on the bottom.  We never would have gotten it out of there without the crane.

Now it is up and over the trees to our neighbor’s yard.  The chains that John put on there to keep it from going down the river in a flood are still there.

Keep on going:

Gotta go on down the road:

Over to John’s dock:

Well, the log went on down the river.  Maybe we can get our dock back out soon, before my son’s graduation party.





River is down, down

The river has dropped three feet here already, just a week after flood stage.  The dock went half way out today, on purpose.  We have been frantic busy.  We moved all the stuff back down to the cottage and we are here for the summer.  I can’t take a picture of the empty garage in Bettendorf because the automatic garage door opener failed and it is stuck in the closed position.  We have everything unpacked here at the cottage except the garage.  We did clean out some stuff in the process.  But we are fostering a shy purebred Welsh Cardi Corgi female, so there is even more chaos than normal.  And the big dog decided she wants to sit outside all the time and sits down and won’t move –hard to make a 100 pound dog move.  More later.

Bringing in the dock


We are getting ready for a possible flood.  Today Kim and a neighbor John pulled the poles out of the dock and swung the sections into shore.  They then tied the dock to upstream trees with very substantial ropes.  The boat lift is still out in the river, but a float is under it and it is secured to a chain and rope.  If the river gets to a certain level, we will bring the whole contraption into shore and maybe up on land.

Plastic dock


We installed a type of dock called Connect a Dock, which has been the object of much observation since we put it in two years ago.  And even better, it is made here in the Hawkeye state of Iowa.  Here is link to the website of the manufacturer:


Log threatens dock


A big log is pointed right at our dock, about ten feet from shore.  We do not even know how it got there since it had to manuever between our neighbor’s dock and ours.  Right now it is not a threat because it is hung up in the Mississippi mud and not going anywhere.  We need to be taller or have a longer pole to get at this thing.  The interstate 80 bridge over the river can be seen in the background.march-dogs-2008-072.jpgmarch-dogs-2008-072.jpg

Dock falls apart


Kim ventured out on the dock to discover that it had separated in three spots, but that it was still held in place by the posts we sunk into the Mississippi mud.  She took her ratchet and went out and tried to tighten it down.  It was a bit windy that day.  Wave to Kim.