Princeton Beach Iowa

Well, we made it up to Princeton Beach yesterday.  Some folks camp on the beach.  Remember the only way there is by boat.

Princeton Beach Mau 2009 001

Princeton Beach Mau 2009 010

Dry Stacks (Grace Marine) Le Claire Iowa

We took our first boat ride of the season last night.   Temperature in the 70’s, a bit windy and therefore choppy.  But it calmed down as the evening went on.  This year we are keeping our 18 foot bowrider at Dry Stacks.  They had the boat down off the top rack when we arrived and put it away for us when came back about 7:30.  Way to go guys!  Memorial day weekend party there on Saturday night.  The marina bulls cart the boats around.  Ours is on the top rack of a covered rack, but kept outside.

Kim's camera May 2009 034

Kim's camera May 2009 035

Kim's camera May 2009 036

Obviously, the Holiday Inn Express in LeClaire is right there also.  Go out on boat, too much to drink, head to the motel….just don’t drive the boat while imbibing.

Kim was very happy with her first boat ride of the season.

Kim's camera May 2009 013

Market Days in Leclaire Iowa

This weekend is Market Days in Leclaire.   Check out the websites of some of these stores:

Hibiscus Flower

We received a hibiscus plant for a wedding present.  We put it out on the deck, and it is blooming.  Check it out:


Kim and Dogs Clean up water feature

When we bought this house we knew there was a water feature in the back yard, but we just started to dig it out to see if it is functional.  Full of oak leaves is not functional.  Amazingly the pump survived the winter outside.  However, our new pond lady said it was not big enough to do the job.

So Kim and her Cardigan Welsh Corgi helpers (well really Aylssa) started to clean it out.




Did you notice her lovely lavendar boots?


Spring is here

Check out the redbuds and the evening sun on the river after a thunderstorm.



Le Claire’s 175th birthday party

A small town party will be held in mid June.  Check out the events at the Chamber of Commerce: