Baby Eagles

The first egg hatched yesterday at the Davenport Alcoa Works on the Mississippi River.

Asian Carp Must Go

Interesting story in Business Week about those ugly Asian Carp.



Three Eggs in the Eagle’s Nest at Alcoa

Alcoa upgraded its webcam this year.  The nesting eagle pair has laid three eggs so far.

Check this out:

New Upper Mississippi Navigation Charts


The Corps announced new navigation charts.  They can be purchased in a bound volume or downloaded for free.  The last update was 2001,

Barge Traffic on Mississippi, Ohio and Tennesee Rivers

This is an interesting story from Fortune magazine on river barge traffic.



Riverboat Queens Returning to River

Nice story from the Quad City Times on passenger cruising riverboats.  Let’s hope they can stay in business.

Dawn January 6 2012

Dawn over the Mississippi River at Pool 14 LeClaire