Second Crest

Tomorrow night we are supposed to crest at 14.4 feet which is considered a major flood.  Apparently because of the lateral dam we have a special spot that makes us less susceptible to the flooding.     We spent the day sending big logs and junk hung up on the docks downstream.  We also spent time reviewing the NOAA site.  So today it came up over the bank.

Watch the slant of the gangway as I post new pictures.  Remember we have a floating dock.

I caught the crane fishing down at Spike’s dock which is under water.


Boat lift levitates!!

Crane arrives:

Now it has to go out to the lift:

Okay, now it has to get that thing out of there.  It is stuck in the Mississippi River mud:

There was a 50 foot log stuck on the bottom.  We never would have gotten it out of there without the crane.

Now it is up and over the trees to our neighbor’s yard.  The chains that John put on there to keep it from going down the river in a flood are still there.

Keep on going:

Gotta go on down the road:

Over to John’s dock:

Well, the log went on down the river.  Maybe we can get our dock back out soon, before my son’s graduation party.