LeClaire Lofts

There is a new place to stay in downtown Leclaire.  A renovated place right downtown.   Check out this link:


Autumn leaves on the Iowa shore of the Mississippi River




Autumn 2009 Market Days in Leclaire Iowa

Come visit our many fine merchants this weekend, and do some shopping and just hanging out:


Dry Stacks (Grace Marine) Le Claire Iowa

We took our first boat ride of the season last night.   Temperature in the 70’s, a bit windy and therefore choppy.  But it calmed down as the evening went on.  This year we are keeping our 18 foot bowrider at Dry Stacks.  They had the boat down off the top rack when we arrived and put it away for us when came back about 7:30.  Way to go guys!  Memorial day weekend party there on Saturday night.  The marina bulls cart the boats around.  Ours is on the top rack of a covered rack, but kept outside.

Kim's camera May 2009 034

Kim's camera May 2009 035

Kim's camera May 2009 036

Obviously, the Holiday Inn Express in LeClaire is right there also.  Go out on boat, too much to drink, head to the motel….just don’t drive the boat while imbibing.

Kim was very happy with her first boat ride of the season.

Kim's camera May 2009 013

Countdown to tugfest

There is a rivalry between Leclaire, IA and Port Byron, IL.  We have a rope tug of war across the river every year.  Well, the weekend is coming up.  See this link:


Place your bets.  Who wins, Iowa or Illinois?  I have mixed loyalties.  I live in Iowa, work in Illinois and went to college and law school in Illinois. But our best friend works for the University of Iowa.

Enjoying the river

Kim took the kids out tubing on Saturday and Sunday.  I wasn’t quite up for that, so I got to enjoy some alone time.  But here they are getting ready to go:

Wading in flood waters in work clothes

Laurie stopped by her cottage on the way home from work to check up on it.  She waded down the normally dry road to get in, but abandoned all boots on the way back out since to get into her back door, it was going over the top of her boots.  We got this one on crest day.



Good thing we can keep our sense of humor.  She and her husband have since repainted, replanted and decorated.  Looks good.

Going down, rain up north

We have backed off the crest a bit and we did not get flooded!!  Rain up north is predicted, but they don’t think it will cause the river to go back up much, but then one never knows.  We plan on moving the furniture back to the cottage this weekend.

Here are the update photos

Looks like we have a problem with the boat lift:




Leclaire Update Here Comes the water

In two days we are supposed to go over major flood stage.  Here is what it looks like today:


That is our new champion Cardigan Welsh Corgi barking in the background.  That is Russ.  9 months old and he has an opinion.  Check out his blog since he has something to say: