Dam Gates Wide open

I promised I would get down to the downstream side of lock and dam 14 to see if the gates were wide open, and I did and the gates are.  Remember, the roller gates are to the left and the tainter gates to the right.  Even in the down position, they do not reach to the bottom of the river.

The Corps is going to close the locks starting downstream at lock 16 to north of St. Louis.  Guess we won’t see many barges.


Why don’t the dams prevent floods?

Interesting bit of news in our local paper this morning.  Remember at flood time, the roller and tainter gates on the dams were wide open.  Local folks wanted to know why the dams can’t prevent flooding.  The reason is that the gates and rollers do not go all the way down to the river bottom.  They are there to make a series of lakes and maintain the river level in the pool immediately upstream.  Commercial navigation, town’s water supplies, docks and recreation are dependent on that pool level. 

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