Oops, going up

Rain and snow up north today, the river is supposed to go up a foot and a half to 8 feet by the middle of the week.  Still under flood stage.  I drove along the river in pool 15 today, up a little, but not too bad.  And to mangle a saying, March came in like a lion and went out like a lion.

Flood not as likely

A story in the local newspaper states that flooding is less likely now than it was a month ago.  This is due to slow snowpack melt north of here.  The Corps says the river level will hold steady at 6.3 feet all week.


Holding steady


Not much new today.  We cleaned the cottage today now that it is empty.  Looks pretty good.   The barges are moving, but we have not seen any yet.   The White Pelicans are breathtaking.

The river appears up just a bit, but it is holding steady at 6.5 feet, flood stage is 11 feet.   Check out the level on the fallen gangway (I have not yet figured out a replacement for it.)

There are a lot of logs floating down the river.  We saw a brave soul out in his fishing boat, but there is a lot of debris floating down the river.  Our neighbor has pulled out lots of logs and built himself quite a teepee fire.

There is a log where our dock used to be.  John said he shoved it out from his dock, well at least he was honest.

Today the local weather service released their last spring outlook for flooding.  If I am interpreting this correctly, we have a 50% chance of minor flooding.  But we have a greater chance of the river dropping?  Read it for yourself:


The Mississippi River is down in southern Pool 14


The river level is down, and will drop a foot this week.  It was very calm today.


Did I mention that a major railroad line runs through our back yard?  It is the line that runs right up the river on the western side of the river.  Note that our son’s fishing boat is back from the dry stacks marina.

At least for now, it look like our stack of cottage furniture in the Bettendorf garage may be in vain.  Well, better safe than sorry.


White Pelicans are Back

What: White Pelican Watch

Where: Lock and Dam 14, near Pleasant Valley, Iowa. Take U.S. Highway 61 North to Interstate 280, travel to Interstate 80 E. Chicago exit, merge onto U.S. Highway 67 exit.

When: 9 a.m.-1 p.m., Saturday and Sunday, March 29 and 30.

Who: The public is invited.

The white pelicans have returned.  They winter on the gulf coast and migrate north following the Mississippi.  They can get up to 30 pounds in weight.  

Check out this link which gives some more information on the bird:


We need a better camera to get good pictures of them, what an incentive to buy one. 

We get bald eagles in December and January, and now pelicans.

Ole Man River is Teasing Us

Here it is on Tuesday and the river is down.  It is projected to drop from 7 feet to 6 feet, well below flood stage of 11 feet.  And you should see all the cottage furniture in our garage in town!  Oh well, at least we get to clean the place up.

Up river in Dubuque


Yesterday we were in Dubuque for a dog show.   We went over to the new refurbished riverfront and snapped a couple of pictures.  Still some ice around.  Check out the Corps’ work barge.

Packing it up


They made a lot of progress today, see what ended up in our garage in town.  Of course, the cars are in the driveway and street.

Ice is back


The river had some ice on it today.  Check out this picture of the gangway, note the ice that has collected, plus it appears the river level was higher and then went back down, note the debris collected above the water level on the gangway plank.

The Snow missed us

The weather today was better than predicted –we did not get any snow.  However, it did fall north in the river’s drainage basin.  Check out these webcams:

Rochester MN:


Mineral Point, WI:


Lacrosse, WI:


It looks like the one furthest south got the most snow, which has been typical of the winter this year. 

The young folks have been packing up, I should have some pictures of that shortly.