Crane & Pelican

This new restaurant has been open for a couple of weeks now.  Reviews have been good.  This building was originally home to a river boat pilot, his wife and numerous children.



Autumn arrives on Upper Mississippi River


And the leaves on the trees are thinning.  One can almost see the River again:


Iowa and Illinois will repair bridge next year

Check out the repair plans.  I hope they don’t rush it because rushing is what has caused all of these issues starting from the initial construction.

I-80 Bridge Is Critical

Local news story above

Crane and Pelican opens

An old riverboat pilot’s house is finding new life as a new cafe in LeClaire.  Amazing, it was never subdivided into apartments as so many old houses are.  This pilot had nine children and the sheen they put on the bannister is still there.  My mother is going on Saturday night, report later.