Piloting a Barge and Tow Boat

Here is Kim piloting a barge down the Mississippi River at the simulator at the Mississippi River Museum in Dubuque.  She collided with another barge, but I ran a barge into a bridge!

Fish Tank at Mississippi River Museum

A big tank full of fish pulled from the Mississippi River is a neat, but somewhat neanderthal touch.  The fish are all big and ugly and they have teeth.  I caught Kim under this big catfish and yes, it is alive!

Mississippi River Museum Dubuque

We took a day off on Monday and went up to the National Mississippi River Museum in Dubuque.  I will share some photos with you for the next few posts.  Highly recommended for river buffs.   Did you know Mississippi means Big River in Ojibwa?

The Twilight, LeClaire to Dubuque

This boat makes a day trip to Dubuque, stays overnight and comes back to Leclaire.  Here is a view from the Mississippi River.



Up river in Dubuque again

I got this picture going over the highway 61 bridge in Dubuque last week.  The crest was well past, but if you look very carefully in the distance, you will see a barge that has run up against the highway 20 bridge downriver.  There is a railroad bridge first, and then the silver spans of the highway 20 bridge.  Look about 2/3 of the way up the picture, 1/4 of the way in from the right.  Sorry, taking pictures from a moving RV can be a challenge.


Going up

The forecast has changed, up an additional foot with cresting sometime next week.  I took some pictures today, does not look too threatening at our place:

I wandered up into town in Leclaire and took a picture of the Twilight river boat that runs trips up to Dubuque and back.  I  think it is an overnight trip:

On the levee in Leclaire there is an old wooden steamwheeler boat.  It is being encased so that it can be preserved.  Here is a construction picture from today:

Iowa’s Undiscovered shore

I thought you might like to view this New York Times travel article on Iowa’s undiscovered shore:



Up river in Dubuque


Yesterday we were in Dubuque for a dog show.   We went over to the new refurbished riverfront and snapped a couple of pictures.  Still some ice around.  Check out the Corps’ work barge.