River is down in Leclaire

I went to Chicago for business for a couple of days, so I got a bit behind.  The river is comfortably back in its banks, but it has left behind a muddy film on everything.  And there are a lot of dead earthworms on the ground, they drowned when the river came up.  So here are some pictures from Wednesday, June 18, 2008.

And when I returned home today Friday June 20th, it almost looked normal.  It will take some rain cleansing and lawn mowing to get back to normal.  But the ground is quite saturated, so we could wait on the rain a few days.   So, here is Friday

I think I will have to wait a couple more weeks to ask you to sit out by the fire.  But we are so much more fortunate than others in Iowa.




Will it flood again?

I was really getting worried about it coming up again, especially after reading about Lake Delton draining at the Dells.  We love the Dells, as tacky as it is.   But Lake Delton escaped to the Wisconsin River, which drains to the Mississippi at Prairie du Chien WI and McGregor IA.  So it is heading down here, but just a blip in the flow of the Mississippi.  And over 60 miles west, Coralville Lake may go over the spillway and flood Iowa City.  We have very good friends upstream in Solon.

But Kim called me about 11 am and said she watched the river drop about two feet.  Our only theory is that the Corps opened up the roller and tainter gates at lock and dam 14 and let it go downstream.  So now it does not look so bad.  Today was absolutely a lovely day, low 80s temperature, low humidity and clear skies.  So here are some pictures from today:

We moved the Charleston bench from the bank and put it out on the end of the dock for Nick who loves to fish.  We learned from experience that we need to secure it so it is tied to a dock pole.  Last year we pulled it out of the river mud.  It survived 50 mile an hour winds two nights ago, so Kim really tied it down.

You will also note that we lost some pole covers as the poles sunk into the mud.  Kim put some attachment mechanisms on the end which are wide enough that they will not let the pole sink down – they will get caught.  But we know the river went down because Spike’s dock reappeared, and our gangplank went from being level to slanting down again.

Check into tomorrow.