Getting the boat into the channel

Our house is on an old canal entrance.  There is a long lateral dam that runs for quite a ways, from the entrance to the old locks (which are now summer recreational locks) up to just south of the town of Leclaire.  Lateral dams run parallel to the shore, wing dams perpendicular to the shore.

Here is the Corps river map of this area.  Learning to read one of these maps is critical for newbie boaters on the river.  You can see the lateral dam here along the Iowa Side.

Inside the canal is a no wake zone.

To get out to the channel, we go down past Green Gables.  Then there is a break in the lateral dam between the rock piles and out we go to the channel.

I also looked over my shoulder and got a picture of tugs and barges going south thru the locks

And as we went towards the I-80 bridge, I got some pictures.  Note the construction, they are finding more rust than just the gussets:
I-80 bridge from the Mississippi River

I-80 bridge from the Mississippi River

Hard to get nice pictures when the boat is rocking over the waves.