Easter Morning Dawn Over the Mississippi River

Taken from our deck this morning.  I was up early for the dog show.  Our Russ took best of breed both days.


Temperatures in the 70’s and flowers are blooming:

Daffodils Emerge

Here come the spring daffodils:

American Pickers Story in local weekly

Check this story out in River Cities Reader, keep scrolling down the page, the story is there.


I-80 Bridge Summit

A meeting in Leclaire last night to plan for this year’s bridge closure.  I already know that one antique store is closing, perhaps a victim of bridge closures.



And a tv news story:


American Pickers

Two local men have a brand new tv series on the History Channel.  It is called American Pickers.   They roam the countryside looking for hidden gems of antiques.

Mike Wolfe has his store Antique Archeology in Leclaire.   Here is a link to their new series:


Details on I-80 Bridge Repair 2010

The Le Claire Iowa chamber of commerce website has a link to a powerpoint developed by Illinois DOT with more details on the work.  It is informative:


Full moon over Mississippi River

Full moon, clear, cool night.  I took this from our back deck this evening:

Last summer’s work as seen through no leaves

The leaves are down, we can see the river again.  We can also see last August’s woodpiles, standing there starkly.  I hope we can get them upside before the snow sets in.

Clearing up the leaves with a Cyclone Rake

Kim out on the front lawn with her John Deere and Cyclone Rake.  River is in the background.