Nasty weather

We have had some thunderstorms and wind, but we have missed most of what hit the rest of the state of Iowa.  All this rain, the farmers are not getting crops in or having to replant.  And the Mississippi is rising again.   In the next four days, they are predicting it will go back up to moderate food stage, four feet up.  That will not go over the banks, but… starting to remind me of the summer of 1993.  Cool and a lot of rain.  Check the forecast:,1,1,1,1,1,1,1

In 1993, Heidi was 9 and Nick was 3.  We hooked the pop up trailer behind the Ford Taurus and headed north.   We keep going north in Wisconsin, and finally ended up in Duluth before it quit raining.  Now it is 15 years later.  Nick is 18 and just graduated from high school.  Heidi is 24 and has her masters in occupational therapy and is living in Texas.  And we have a motorhome now.  Time flies.