Plastic dock


We installed a type of dock called Connect a Dock, which has been the object of much observation since we put it in two years ago.  And even better, it is made here in the Hawkeye state of Iowa.  Here is link to the website of the manufacturer:

Flood 2008 forecast

This afternoon we stopped by the City of Leclaire City Hall to look at videos of the flood of 2001.  The city took a boat down the road in front of our cottage (Canal Shore Drive) and filmed the flood crest at its peak on April 24th.  The river water came up to the bottom of the windows on the front of the house and the water went all the way into the back yard near the tracks.  The road had been sandbagged but the water went over the dike in a wind storm.  The NOAA website said the river would rise two feet over the weekend.  But when we went out this afternoon it actually looked like it was down about 4 inches.

See this story in the Quad City Times.